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CFSI’s consulting services leverage a deep understanding of consumer needs, innovation processes, and high-quality product design. We guide organizations through the entire product development cycle— from enterprise strategy definition to launching solutions and evaluating impact. Our team boasts an impressive array of private sector experience from Fortune 500 companies, fintech companies, and more.

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Our services

Financial services should improve consumers’ lives. Providers can shape consumers’ behaviors by offering smartly-designed products and tools to help them make the right choices.

Define strategy

We employ market and consumer insights to develop a tailored approach to building sustainable, long-term business models that meet consumer needs.

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Design products

We leverage consumer insights, Compass Principles, and proprietary research, to design high-quality solutions that align with organizational goals and improve financial health.

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We advise on implementation strategies, facilitating industry partnerships and guiding consumer and stakeholder messaging.

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Connecting to the Consumer Financial Experience (FinX) is an in-the-field workshop, training, or corporate event. It allows financial product designers to experience firsthand what the challenges and opportunities are in accessing financial services.

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Measure impact

We identify key performance indicators and establish an evaluation plan to assess consumer impact and inform future product and strategy refinement.

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Together with our clients, we are creating new standards for what it means to deliver high-quality financial products for the benefit of consumers. We're bringing new ideas to the marketplace and growing innovations ready to scale. Here are some examples of our impact.

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The CFSI Advantage

In a world with so much data and financial services expertise, CFSI rises above the rest in consumer insights. Drawing from our unparalleled network of providers, our advice is grounded in experience and tailored to meet your goals. Our expertise comes from a pool of specialists, researchers, and analysts to bring you customized and actionable solutions.

We are passionate and motivated about improving consumer financial health in a profitable and scalable way. Watch a short video on the importance of designing with the consumer at the center.

Why Financial Leaders Partner with CFSI

What our clients are saying

“CFSI shared our passion and vision for better products and distribution channels to meet the underserved consumer segment where they are.”

Anne Leland Clark Financial Capability Director, Prepare + Propser
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