From targeted surveys to tactical consumer studies, our research and analysis provides a foundational understanding of the challenges and opportunities for all sectors to achieve consumer financial health.


Financial Health

U.S. Financial Health Pulse

The U.S. Financial Health Pulse is a rigorous, regularly refreshed snapshot of the financial health of U.S adults. Leveraging survey and transactional data, the study paints a rich portrait of the financial lives of Americans.

Financial Health Measurement

Eight leading organizations are testing ways to measure and improve financial health, sharing their journey and results through CFSI’s Financial Health Measurement project.

Consumer Financial Health Research

CFSI's research into the financial lives of consumers defines seven financial health segments based upon behaviors and attitudes, going beyond the traditional benchmarks of income, age, education and credit score.

Financial Health Journey

Orienting your business around financial health means expanding your company’s definition of success to include positive outcomes for your customers as well as your business.

U.S. Financial Diaries

The Financial Diaries: How American Families Cope in a World of Uncertainty

The Financial Diaries provides an unparalleled view of what life is like in the bottom half.

U.S. Financial Diaries Issue Briefs

Issue Briefs focus on topics such as income volatility, financial planning, credit challenges, perceptions about financial providers and products, and community dynamics.

U.S. Financial Diaries Household Profiles

Each Profile presents the financial life of one family. Households struggle with income volatility, unplanned expenses, saving and investing. They also use creative budgeting strategies to make ends meet.

Consumer Profiles and Segmentations

Small-Dollar Credit Consumer Profiles

Over 15 million Americans use small-dollar credit -- here’s an in-depth look at their 4 need cases.

Consumer Financial Health Segments

Four segments make up the 57% of Americans that struggle financially (the striving, the tenuous, the unengaged, and the at risk). Understand who they are and what they need.

Underserved Market Analysis

Sizing the Financially Underserved Market

Each year, CFSI measures the size, composition, and opportunity of products and services that help people save, spend, borrow, and plan.

Un- and Underbanked Research

Through this series of work CFSI was the first to highlight the history and challenges of the traditionally un- and underbanked.

Issue Briefs on Consumer Challenges

CFSI highlights important consumer challenges and what it means for financial providers.

Consumer Credit

Secured Credit Cards

Credit history is a critical passport in the U.S. economy. However, 121 million Americans are credit challenged with subprime credit scores (68 million) or thin or no credit file (53 million).

Compass Guide to Credit

We define consumer-friendly credit and outline what “high-quality” credit looks like for financial providers.

Measuring the True Cost of Credit

CFSI goes beyond APR to apply “ability to pay” and “willingness to pay” measures to short-term, small-dollar credit options.


Applying Compass Principles to Transaction Products

Consumers use a variety of tools to manage their daily lives. Read about our insights in designing consumer-friendly tools.

Prepaid Cards

We define quality, look for innovation, and measure and grade the industry on adoption of consumer-friendly practices.

Payroll Cards

To encourage a constructive dialogue among industry stakeholders, consumer advocates, policymakers, and regulators, CFSI presents its first quality assessment of the payroll card industry.

Savings Innovations

Informal Savings

Households often use informal tools that are harder to see from outside, like short-term loans from friends or relatives.

Prize Linked Savings (PLS)

A CFSI-funded seed idea is now available nationwide. Learn how PLS can turn the lottery into a savings mechanism for millions of Americans.

Financial Technology for Social Good

Financial Technology Product

Expanding the Appeal of your Financial Technology Product: 5 strategies to building inclusive financial products.

Consumer Data Sharing

Consumers should have access to their data. Read about our point of view and work with the industry on this critical topic.